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Alpaca Manure


Do you have a garden or would like to improve soil for your yard or plantings?  Angel Hair Alpacas has partially composted alpaca manure for sale.   Bring buckets, bags or a truck and you are welcome to load what you need.   Alpacas are partial ruminants and are highly efficient eaters.  Their diet of well water, fresh grass, hay and natural grains ensures not only healthy animals, but also a healthy by-product rich in essential nutrients.  It is low odor and has been called "black gold" as an enhancement  for soil use.  Full of red worms! 


 We have 40+ pound bags self-serve at the curb for $10 per bag.   We are happy to take farm donations, extra garden plants or veggies in trade! 



Here are some links and videos that really show what we are all about!

Our Promo Video by Chuck Green!!

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Check out our online store to see and buy some  of our great products online and our Facebook for constant updates and fun videos!

Check out our online store!!

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